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Cat Training Services:

Most people are surprised to learn that you can train cats and modify their behavior. We also find that people are surprised to learn many of the things cats do (and dogs for that matter) are not done out of spite or stupidity but actually serve a purpose in the animal’s mind. The key to modifying the behavior is to figure out what prompts the animal’s actions and what reward does the pet get from performing the behavior. We can then either: ignore the behavior (which sometimes causes it to go away if our attention was the “reward” for the behavior), manage the environment (as humanely as possible) or teach the cat another behavior to perform which will be rewarded instead of the unwanted behavior.

Please note: Some behavior problems may actually arise out of a medical problem. Therefore it is best to have your cat checked out by your veterinarian first when you notice any changes in your cat’s behavior to determine if the issue is medical or behavioral. We are happy to work with your veterinarian on your cat’s behavioral issue.

Here are some of the many issues we can help resolve:

  • scratching
  • night time wake ups
  • counter top lounging
  • fearfulness
  • Cat 101: helping you get you off to a great start with your first cat or kitten
  • teaching your cat to tolerate or even enjoy the cat carrier
  • food stealing
  • introducing a cat into your home in which you already have another cat or dog
  • teaching your cat to tolerate being handled for nail trimming, grooming, applying ear and eye medicines
  • basic behaviors: recall, targeting, go to bed or place, sit
  • inappropriate elimination (litter box avoidance)
  • aggression which has not caused any injuries requiring medical treatment. If your cat has injured another cat or human, we can refer you to a specialist in this area.

Evaluation Visit: When you contact us, we will ask you to give a brief explanation of the behavior problem or issue you would like to resolve. We will then set up an in-home evaluation during which we will review your concerns, collect a behavior history of your cat(s), troublesome behaviors may be observed, and the cat’s environment will also be reviewed to determine factors contributing to the problem. This first visit may take up to 2 hours. We may give some initial recommendations during the evaluation session.

Terms: $80 for evaluation visit. Cash or check.

Private Lessons: We can help you address simple concerns through follow up private training lessons. We can show you how to manage or change the cat’s environment. We can show you how to start teaching your cat desired behaviors. Sometimes we may demonstrate different ways to interact with your cat. We may help you read your cat’s body language to help resolve issues.

Terms: $80 per private lesson visit. Cash or check. Payment in advance.
    Discount available when four or more lessons are purchased in advance.

Written Training Plan: If the evaluation visit indicates a full behavior modification plan is needed, we can prepare a customized written training plan for you. We will then visit again to go over the specific solutions we have prepared for you and your cat. Following the visit we will provide phone and email support for one month. Should you desire, we can also provide additional in home private lesson sessions.

Terms: $120 for one written training plan and associated visit. Cash or check. Payment in advance.

Mileage Fee: Clients outside of our service area are also subject to a mileage fee. In New Hampshire we service the towns of Brookline, Hollis, Hudson, Merrimack, Milford and Nashua without a mileage fee. In Massachusetts we service Dunstable, Pepperell and Tyngsboro.

Cats cued to "go to place."  The places indicated by the towels they are sitting on.