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From 2014 through 2019 we have given free monthly cat talks at Pets Choice in Merrimack, NH. Pets Choice is remodeling so their presentation space is currently unavailable.

We will update this page when we know more.

Previous topics have included

  • Brushing and Nail Trimming
  • Cat Communication: Body Language, Vocalizations, Scent & Stress Signs
  • Clicker Training and Tricks
  • Enrichment: Keeping your cat mentally healthy
  • Ensuring Litter Box Success
  • Helping Your Fearful Cat
  • Introducing a new cat to your cat and your home
  • Kitten Training and Care Tips
  • Pet Behavior Training Training cats, dogs, horses, and even humans!
  • Pet, Sniff, Lick, Climb and Click Reaching all your Feline's Senses for their Well-Being and to Prevent Behavior Problems
  • Scratching
  • So, You're Smitten with a Kitten, Now What? Care Tips and Training for your Little Furry Feline
  • Teaching Your Cat to Tolerate Going to the Veterinarian

All the talks are free, but a donation to a local animal shelter is suggested. A collection box will be provided. Talks will last approximately an hour. Please leave your kitty safe at home.

Midnight, give me five.